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Charlie´s Angels

Extreme Cleaning

Serving Broward County Since 2012


The Alchemist hands cleaning company is a family owned business that was founded in Ann Arbor Michigan we started with construction cleaning for residential homes,  then we expanded the company to Denver Colorado where we built the company to over 100 biweekly customers all from word of mouth. Now it is time to grow the South Florida business where we are redesigning The company with the same fundamentals that we have always had which are Good Customers Relations, Great detailed and hard work considering fair prices.


Now we are focusing in serving Broward County, speciliazing our work in places that want to look great with a budget and also needing the great service of the family we represent.


“I have been using Alchemist Hands cleaning service for about three years, this is really wonderful, realible and had made my life easier, since I'm a single mom, I am so happy they help me.”


Nathasha, Boca Raton, Florida.

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“It is really nice service and conscious work that is done to my windows so I can enjoy of the great ocean view”


Mrs Leavy, Ocean Drive Fort Lauderdale.

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